Mock Paper Error


A recent Mock Leaving Cert Higher Level Geometry question, set by one of the agencies supplying papers to schools, led to consternation among teachers as it asked for a proof that teachers believed was not on the syllabus.

In order to assist our Members in their work, a member of Dublin Branch Committee undertook to seek guidance on this issue.  NCCA was contacted and it was requested that they clarify the situation as quickly as possible.

The following paragraph is the official NCCA response.

Knowledge of the geometry at JCHL is assumed for LCHL. Candidates can be required to apply the techniques used in proving these JCHL results and other relevant techniques in the course of proving other (unseen) results, by way of "cuts". However, the only the formal geometry proofs examined at LCHL will be those of Theorems 11, 12, and 13 for this June.