Meeting on Thursday 19 January in Blackrock Education Centre, 7.30pm

"From big data to hypothesis testing: developing statistical literacy at second level"           Prof. Ailish Hannigan

The topics will include the importance of statistical literacy and descriptive and inferential statistics with examples from industry and health.  As those who have heard Ailish speak before will know, this will be very helpful to teachers in addressing Strand 1 of the syllabuses.


 Ailish Hannigan is Associate Professor of Biomedical Statistics at the Graduate Entry Medical School, University of Limerick. She has twenty years’ experience as a statistics educator at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has been commended for her teaching by the University of Limerick.  

 She is a member of the International Association for Statistics Education and is Education Officer for the Irish Statistical Association. Her education research interests include attitudes towards statistics and the role of prior learning experiences, peer learning in statistics education and mathematics teachers’ conceptual understanding of statistics. Her current role supports education and research in health and she is passionate about the development of statistical literacy in wider society.