Upcoming Events

1. Audrey Byrne,  a former Project Maths RDO will deliver a seminar on using GeoGebra in the classroom. This will be an interactive workshop so please bring a device along (iPad, laptop etc) if you have one. We will also learn about an alternative graphing package called DESMOS on the night. The seminar will take place on Wednesday March 14, in Dublin West Education Centre at 7.30pm. (More details to follow)

2. The AGM of the Dublin Branch of the IMTA will be held on Tuesday April 24th in Blackrock Education Centre. Our guest speaker on the night will be Harry Freeman - Harry Freeman's experience of providing CPD is extensive, having worked with school leaders and teachers in over 400 schools since 1998. 

Currently Harry holds the position of  Strand Leader of the Positive Behaviour Management strand of the Master  in Education Programme in Trinity College, Dublin. He has designed and developed this course and has been lecturing on it since 2008.

Harry offers consultancy services to support teachers in all areas of classroom practice. He is passionate about, learning, teaching and leadership. 

For more info check out http://www.harryfreeman.ie/